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Our mission when we established The Scrapping Bug in November 2001 was to assist you in the scrapbooking learning experience, the sharing of ideas, and the preservation of your special memories through the wonderful world of scrapbooking. The Scrapping Bug is a Scrapbooking Store in Kitchener Ontario. We provide scrapbooking products and scrapbooking supplies in Kitchener Canada.

As we approach our fourth year of business at The Scrapping Bug, we are firmly committed to our mission statement and will continue to strive to fulfill and indeed surpass these objectives in our efforts to earn your valued business. It is our ongoing commitment at The Scrapping Bug to assist you in your desire to expand your scrapbook skills, make available the latest and most up to date products in the industry and keep your purchase price the most competitive in the market place.

In our ongoing effort to be your complete scrapbook supplier in Kitchener Ontario and to make sure we are one of the leaders in the scrapbook supply channel we made the decision in May 2002 to open our online store. The addition of our online store has added a strong following of loyal scrapbooking customers from coast to coast across Canada, the US and as far as Europe and Australia.

Due to your support and loyalty we have been able to continue to increase our product line, adding new and exciting products as soon as they come on the market. Our expanded buying power has given us a very special working relationship with our key suppliers. This strong supplier relationship and network enables us to have the latest materials quickly and assures you competitive pricing across our total product line both online and at The Scrapping Bug retail store in Kitchener.

Even more important than expanding our products, our facility (newly expanded in September 2003) and our online business, we are delighted to continually add additional customer service associates to help make your scrapbooking experience a happy and fulfilling occasion. Come in and spend some time with us. Holly, Sandy, Stacey, Melanie and I will be happy to assist you in the store as well as helping take care of your online shopping requirements.

A special thank you to all of our valued customers, friends and suppliers who have made it possible to celebrate nearly three great years of operation at The Scrapping Bug. It has been a whirlwind and highly successful three years.

Happy Scrapbooking,

The Bug team

As a teenager growing up in Aurora Ontario I had a strong interest in design and fashion. Graduating from Shaw College with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, plus a career in sales and marketing in the gold refining and jewellery business, fulfilled my interests and gave me the opportunity to broaden my business skills and paved the way for my desire to be in a retail business.

Denis and I married in 1986 and raising our three boys Taylor, Landon, and Keaton has kept me completely occupied with hockey, baseball, soccer, skiing, golf and mountains of laundry.

With Denis's career in the Golf Business demanding lots his time and the Jones Boys all in school, for the first time in many years there was some available time in my life. I decided to fill this precious time with a career that would satisfy my creative desire and be fulfilling at the same time.

Following a great deal of research, with the support of my family, and our families' entrepreneurial spirit the end result was the creation of THE SCRAPPING BUG in November of 2000. The rest as they say is history and has been a great, fun filled, whirlwind experience of a lifetime.

The laundry, hockey, dirt biking, golfing, fishing, taxi driver and meals on the run, still require a lot of Mom's time, however, with the ongoing family support and Our Fabulous Bug Team, The Scrapping Bug has flourished and my career objectives are fulfilled. Each day is simply a rewarding occasion.


I have always been 'crafty' on some level. Even though I was never academically outstanding in art class, I did have a way with paper and glue! I have grown as a person and as an artist with my designs and do try to step out of my clean-line-box. I am anal, I will admit it!

Looking back at my first scrapbooking layouts is something I throughly enjoy and I realize they are the foundation for present and future layouts. This is why I firmly believe you should never "do-over" a layout. How else can you see how you've progressed over the years? At the very least, you will have a laugh! The memories we are all trying to preserve will forever be embedded in our hearts and in our minds, no matter what the final outcome is on paper.

I may never ever catch up, something we can all relate to, but I will continue to scrapbook my life and the life of my family & friends. Tag along with me on this journey - it is one heck of a ride!


Driving four times a week all the way from Waterloo I have time to think and reflect just how much I love Scrapbooking and working at The Scrapping Bug. I couldn’t ask for a better career choice. Working amongst colourful paper and embellishments. Waiting each week to see what the UPS driver brings and of course talking and laughing with all the wonderful people that visit me in the cropping area.

My sister in law introduced me to scrapbooking four years ago. That was truly a life changing moment. Not only did it start me on a new career path but I have met the best women whom some have become my closest friends. I teach classes, design the bug cuts and I am in charge of the digital area at The Scrapping Bug, and my scrapbooking passion doesn’t stop there. I represent Fiskars Canada demonstrating their scrapbooking line all over South Western Ontario. I also, am a layout and project artist for a number of different manufacturers in Canada and the United States, and all this between being a guest instructor and speaker at retreats, day crops and special events.

There isn’t a minute of the day that I am not immersed in the scrapbooking world and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy Scrapping!!


My name is Cherie Nymeyer. My husband, Aaron and I have been married since the fall of 2003. I found scrapbooking when I wanted something more special for my wedding photos then just sticking them in a plain old album.

Although I sometimes scrap 12x12, my main scrapping size is 8.5x11. It wasn't until I switched to this size that I really found my true scrapping style. I tend to scrap on the simple side, using clean lines, and single photo pages.

I've enjoyed being on 2 online design teams and being a guest designer for 3 online companies in the past. I've been published in Simple Scrapbooks, CorrespondenceART, Woman's Day Scrapbook Magazine, and a Memory Makers Idea Book. Yes, this hobby is expensive and addictive but I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. It's a passion like no other and fills a need in me to be creative.



Hi I'm Melanie. I am 26 and have been married to my husband Dan since August 2004. we live in Kitchener and we have a kitten named Joey. He's adorable but very active.

I have been working here at The Scrapping Bug since July 2003. It truly is the dream job. Who wouldn't want to scrap for a living and constantly be surrounded by all the cool stuff out there? when I'm not here I'm out painting people's houses. In my spare time I like to garden, make cards and of course scrapbook.

I have been scrapping since 1999. A lot of that time I feel like I was collecting product more than actually using them on pages. I think that anyone would agree that there is never enough time as we would like to scrap. But when I get a chance, I absolutely love it! My favourite thing to use on my pages has got to be ribbon. I have a hard time not using on a layout.

When I'm not scrapbooking I'm making cards. I love to make cards. I have been making cards since 2003 and I don't think I will ever buy a card again. I tend to be a simple scrapper. Not too difficult but lots of colour. I love colour! I even have all the colours of cardstock we carry memorized. So whenever you need a hand picking out a colour, don't hesitate to put me to the test!


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